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Terms & Conditions

 1.  Booking
As soon as the applicant signs and returns the course contract to the Deutsche Sprachschule Dresden the booking of the course is binding.

 2.  Course Fee
The course fee stated in the price list of the Deutsche Sprachschule Dresden at the time of application is valid.

The course fee does not include the costs of travelling expenses and entrance fees for training excursions or private activities after lesson-times.

 3.  Accommodation
At the participant's request, the Deutsche Sprachschule Dresden takes over the booking of accommodation. For this service an extra fee of 75 € will be charged.

 4.  Visa application
Participants who need an entry visa for Germany take responsibility for the observance of the current visa regulation. The binding enrolment confirmation for the booked course may be attached to the visa application form, but it does not replace an official invitation for private persons.

 5.  Payment Terms
The payment terms stated in the course contract are valid.

 6.  Refunds
If the participant should be prevented from attending booked lessons or should he/she resign from the contract, break off or cancel a running course, neither payments will be refunded nor the missed lessons can be taken up at a later date. To avoid financial losses travel insurance is recommended (see paragraph 7).

Late arrival does not entitle a participant to a reduction of the course fee.

If the Deutsche Sprachschule Dresden should be prevented from providing booked lessons within the term of the course, the fee for the missed lessons will be refunded proportionately to the total course fee.

 7.  Insurance
It is the participant's responsibility to protect and insure him/herself by means of a travel insurance.

At the participant's request the Deutsche Sprachschule Dresden provides insurance for the following risks:
travel insurance, health insurance, third party insurance.

 8.  Responsibility
The Deutsche Sprachschule Dresden assures the provision of the booked services fully in accordance with the requested extent and described quality.

In the case of its being prevented from delivering the booked services the Deutsche Sprachschule Dresden does not take any responsibility.

The course participant is liable for all damage he/she causes. In case of a third party suing for damages from the Deutsche Sprachschule Dresden for damage caused by the course participant during his/her language stay in Dresden, the Deutsche Sprachschule Dresden will sue the course participant.

 9.  Legal Domicile
The legal domicile of the Deutsche Sprachschule Dresden is Dresden.