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The DSD Team

Dipl.-Päd. Andreas Benjak - Headmaster

Music and language – two of Man’s evolutionary abilities that have determined our culture and fascinated me ever since I was a child. The first became a passion and the second my profession. Since completing my university degree in educational science, I have taught at a number of rehabilitation and professional further education institutions. My curiosity for the world has brought me together with a wide range of cultures. Today I am in a position to teach people from all over the world about my native language, my country and my culture. To teach others while learning something new oneself at the same time, to be an initiating and creative part of Man’s education process - that is what motivated me to found the DSD in 2006, which I have been running ever since.

Rita Toth - Pedagogical director / DaF Teacher

As a freelance lecturer in the field of languages (German, Hungarian) I collected valuable experience in adult education. I have internalized the importance and diversity of communication between teacher and student from the ground up. Through many years of creative teaching, I was able to develop my distinct strengths: the independent, well-organized way of working, the clear but fine communication, the openness and the gift to feel familiar between different cultures and to move linguistically mobile. These strengths are completed by my positive attitude towards life and my friendly personality.

Friederike Feldmann - DaF Teacher

  • Teaching integration courses in Saxony
  • Stays abroad in China and Taiwan
  • M.A. Studies of Languages and Business Administration German-Chinese in Zwickau and Tianjin
  • B.A. Studies of Modern China in Würzburg
  • B.A. Studies of International Cultural and Business Studies in Passau

Roland Bednarsch - DaF Teacher

After completing my PhD (Germanistic Linguistics) I went to the Silesian University in Katowice for my first assignment abroad. Here I was able to gain my first experience of working with foreign students and to grow into close partnership with Polish colleagues. This has greatly expanded my horizon and developed new demands on my methodology and my self-image as a teacher. From then on I have always focused on the partnership method in my teaching and have always sought cooperation and exchange. Later on in foreign assignments in China and Taiwan, this approach helped me a lot as a successful DaF lecturer in an altered multi-cultural environment. My students have often told me that I am an enthusiastic teacher.

Andreas Stolte - DaF Teacher

I teach the way I like to learn foreign languages myself. This is very practical, I ask myself: When do my students need which words and structures? I am always happy when participants say, that they have used, what they have learned privately, at work or in the supermarket. Actually, they have unconsciously applied the substance and realized that exercise pays off. I am sure that these experiences of success give them even more motivation to learn, and I am happy to make this possible.