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Our teachers

Dipl.-Päd. Andreas Benjak - Headmaster, German teacher
"Music and language – two of Man’s evolutionary abilities that have determined our culture and fascinated me ever since I was a child. The first became a passion and the second my profession. Since completing my university degree in educational science, I have taught at a number of rehabilitation and professional further education institutions. My curiosity for the world has brought me together with a wide range of cultures. Today I am in a position to teach people from all over the world about my native language, my country and my culture. To teach others while learning something new oneself at the same time, to be an initiating and creative part of Man’s education process - that is what motivated me to found DSD in 2006, which I have been running ever since."

Ilia Fedorov - German teacher
"The limits of my language are the limits of my world.” This world-famous quotation by Ludwig Wittgenstein reflects my imagination of language and its meaning. After my studies of foreign languages in Russia I worked as a translator in West-Africa. That expanded  my view of life and inspired me to share acquired knowledge and help other people to overcome language barriers. After a second study at the University of Sankt-Petersburg and an exchange semester at the University of Greifswald I decided to teach German as second language in Germany. Doing this, I hope to contribute to a world-wide communication and understanding."

Eleni Balasiadis - DaF-Dozentin
"Mastering a foreign language does not just mean being able to translate a written or verbal statement. Its further important component is the awareness of the cultural structures that are hidden behind words. A language reflects a culture, it connects people and turns 'foreign' into 'familiar'. Because of my bilingual background, I can put myself into the learners' situation and understand the difficulties they face. Therefore, I always strive to teach the German language and culture spurring the learners´ motivation while helping them to familiarise themselves with a new view of the world."

Judith Schreiber - German teacher
"Already as a child I took a great interest in the origins of the German language. Following Goethe´s sound bite saying 'Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own' I occupied myself at school and during my studies with a number of old and modern languages. My desire to convey the joy of language learning also led me to take a degree in German as a foreign language. I firmly believe that learning foreign languages is not only essential for intercultural exchange, but it can also open up new perspectives on one's native language and environment."

Elena Goldstein - German teacher

"I am interested in teaching the German language and the German culture since my school days. Then I often assisted friends and relatives in learning the German language for their everyday life. Because I moved to Germany as a late repatriate and faced miscellaneous difficulties learning the German language I personally know a lot of the stumbling blocks by picking up a foreign language. That is why it is a matter of special concern to me to participate actively in the field of teaching German language and culture."